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Your Moving and Storage Company

Straightline Movers offers storage solutions to meet any scale of residential or commercial need.

Straightline Movers Storage Services

As a top-ranked long distance moving and storage company, Straightline Movers is fully equipped to handle many of your moving-related storage needs with our short-term and long-term storage services. We can store your belongings at our facilities as part of the moving process, holding them until you are ready to move into your new home or office.

Additionally, we offer storage solutions for any distance or size interstate move, including residential and commercial moves. Are you a corporate relocation manager looking for comprehensive moving and storage solutions? Straightline Movers understands that some moves take a little extra time. Our storage-in-transit services are designed to help your employees as they finalize their move-in dates and plans.

Residential Storage

Many residential moving customers choose to store household items while making the transition into a new home. If you’re moving from house to house, but your new residence isn’t quite ready, or you need some additional storage space while you sell your previous home, Straightline Movers can help. Our specialized storage services provide an easy-to-use, flexible solution when you’re faced with long-distance moving schedule challenges.

Vault Storage

You have probably heard about self-storage units and storage containers. Another option is a storage vault. Straightline Movers owns and maintains our storage vaults. Since we are the experts, you can trust that your items are in good hands as they are carefully packed into your vault and stored in our secure facility.You don’t have to go through the hassle of transporting your belongings to and from a storage unit, With Straightline Movers, our skilled movers will handle everything for you.They will pick up your items, wrap them, place them in a storage vault, and bring them back to you whenever you need them.

Commercial Storage

In addition to residential storage solutions, Straightline Movers provides custom moving and storage services for long-distance commercial moves. We offer a variety of storage solutions for moving your office furniture, technology, retail fixtures and trade show related displays. Straightline Movers can store your office items during your commercial long-distance move and then transport them according to your specifications.

For more information on our commercial moving and storage solutions, please start here. If your office is changing locations or renovating its current workspace, call us today to discuss a long or short-term storage solution.


Are Storage Services Right For Me?


Short-term storage may be the right choice if you are not ready to part with your belongings while downsizing before your move with Straightline Movers. Getting rid of your items can be hard to do, especially if you are in the midst of a move.

Moving long distance?

If you are moving cross country or to another state, short-term storage may be necessary while you are selling your current home or looking for your new home. Straightline Movers is federally licensed to provide long-distance, interstate moving and storage services to households and businesses moving cross country.

Looking for local storage solutions?             

Are you in need of local storage solutions? Look no further! Straightline movers provides storage options for residents in the DMV area. Whether you require short or long-term storage, feel free to get in touch with us today.

Student Storage?  

Welcome to the premier college student storage solution in the Washington, DC metropolitan area! We understand the unique needs of college students, and we’re here to make your life easier during those times when you need a reliable storage space. Whether you’re embarking on an adventure studying abroad, taking a well-deserved semester break, or returning home for the summer, we’ve got you covered.

Preparing For Storage

If your long-distance move involves putting some of your items into a storage unit, you may want to consider packing services by a professional moving company.
For some, packing may be the most overwhelming part of the move. You can save time and eliminate the hassle associated with packing by hiring a professional moving company to handle the often tedious task of packing.

Straightline Movers offers affordable packing solutions to provide you with flexible options for enhancing your Straightline Movers long-distance moving experience. And no matter which option you choose, we’ll take care of the loading, transportation and unloading at your new site.