After The Move: New Home Checklist

things to do after the move

You’ve reached your new home safely, so congratulations are in order. Moving day may be over, but the staggering number of post-relocation jobs are yet to come.

If you’re still unsure whether this is arguably the best moving checklist out there, then take a closer look at the post-relocation moving calendar to remove any lingering doubts.

  • Check household utilities
    Check if all home utilities are up and running – electricity, water, gas, cable TV, phone, and so on. Write down the readings of all utility meters. Contact your new utility providers if there are any problems.
  • Unpack any essentials boxes
    Unpack your open-first boxes and use the essentials items inside them until you get reunited with your everyday household items. Switch to survival mode if you must.
  • Check delivered boxes
    Be there when your movers deliver your stuff. Notify your movers ASAP if anything is damaged or missing.
  • Pay for the moving services
    It’s time to pay for the moving service in accordance with your contract with the moving company. If possible, opt to pay for the move with a bank card.
  • Tip your movers
    Feel free to tip your movers if you’re happy with the way they did their job. If you feel that you should, reward each worker individually for their genuine efforts – never hand out the lump sum to the foreman.
  • Tend to your pets
    Don’t neglect the needs of your pets – give them enough time to acclimatize properly by placing them in a safe room and showing them how much you care for them.
  • Childproof the new home
    If you just moved house with a small baby or a toddler, it’s vital that you baby-proof the new home so that it becomes 100% safe for your little angel to play and grow inside it.
  • Start unpacking
    Initiate the unpacking process at your own comfortable pace. Unpack the BEDROOM-, BATHROOM-, and KITCHEN-labeled boxes with priority. If necessary, ask friends to help you unpack.
  • Look for a new job
    It’s time to update your CV and go job-hunting if you haven’t secured a new job in the new city or town. Many post-move tasks are important but nothing comes close to securing a constant income.
  • Find a good school
    Register your school-age child or children at a reputable school if you haven’t done so prior to the move. Do school tours in person to find the most suitable school for your son or daughter.
  • Register with health care providers
    Your health is your top priority – do not delay the task of finding a family physician, a dentist, and a veterinarian (if applicable). Take all required documentation with you for the registration process.
  • Register your car
    Register your vehicle if you just moved to a new state. You may also need to renew your driver’s license, so it’s better to contact the local DMV office for more information.
  • Throw a housewarming party
    Consider organizing a housewarming party to get to know your new work colleagues and neighbors and hopefully find a few friends in them. Thus said, don’t forget to keep in touch with your old friends too.
  • Get to know your new city
    Be open and receptive to the new environment in order to avoid the dangerous clutches of relocation depression. Explore your new city little by little and locate important landmarks to help you adjust faster.
  • Review your moving company
    Remember to leave a review about your moving company. This is really important because that thoughtful act of yours will help other people find a better relocation service provider, just like you did. Moreover, writing a moving review may help you resolve any issues you may currently have with your professional mover.
  • Don’t forget to smile
    You know how life’s like a mirror and it will only smile back at you if you smile at it first? Well, maybe it’s high time you unpacked your mirror first.